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Apple Crumble Cake

We have a beautiful apple tree in our garden, and this year seems to be a bumper year for fruit! This means I need to get a bit creative when trying to use it up though, there are only so many apple pies and crumbles you can eat!  I made these yesterday (with Miss D…… Continue reading Apple Crumble Cake


Family Camping Trip

It has been planned forever, and last weekend it actually happened – our first camping trip since Miss D arrived! A group of 11 adults and 8 children, all camping together in beautiful Dorset. We stayed at Norden Farm, which is a great balance of simple camping (No entertainment or swimming pools here), with good…… Continue reading Family Camping Trip


What Do You Say On A Day Like Today?

Today is an emotional day.  Waking up this morning and hearing the news about the horrific attack on Manchester has given me, and I sure many, many others, a heavy heart. The coward behind this attack targeted children and young adults, innocents starting to discover the world, and our future generation. 22 lives taken, and…… Continue reading What Do You Say On A Day Like Today?


Going Out Out – woohoo!

Thank you Micky Flanagan, this phrase is so true – There is a huge difference between going out and going out out……and this Saturday I am going out out! Yay! I am already dreading the hangover on Sunday, as myself and my NCT mummy friends are hitting a cocktail bar to make cocktails – this has got…… Continue reading Going Out Out – woohoo!


Easter Fun…?

Is it just me, or is has there been a big increase in the availability of Easter Activities?! When I was growing up, you were given a few chocolate eggs (or a lot, if you were lucky!), and that was it, but now there seems to be a wealth of Easter activity – everywhere you turn, there…… Continue reading Easter Fun…?

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Back in the Game!

Hi folks! It has been a while since my last post – unfortunately the work life balance has not been as balanced as I would like recently, and something had to give. It is finally starting to settle, and I can start to do something for myself again, meaning that I can also start to…… Continue reading Back in the Game!


Cooking with CBeebies – Pepper Boats

Thanks to CBeebies, Miss D insisted this weekend that she wanted to eat pepper boats, after seeing the recipe on I Can Cook With You…. Luckily, I had most of the ingredients, so with a small substitution I let her try to make it – the great thing was that she could do almost all of the preparation…… Continue reading Cooking with CBeebies – Pepper Boats