Going Out Out – woohoo!

Thank you Micky Flanagan, this phrase is so true – There is a huge difference between going out and going out out……and this Saturday I am going out out! Yay! I am already dreading the hangover on Sunday, as myself and my NCT mummy friends are hitting a cocktail bar to make cocktails – this has got…… Continue reading Going Out Out – woohoo!


Chocolate Bark 

As promised in my last post, I have written up the recipe I followed for my Easter chocolate bark. When I say recipe, it’s actually just a list of ingredients as it is the easiest thing in the world to make!  Because it is for children (mostly!), I used two bars of white and two…… Continue reading Chocolate Bark 


Easter Fun…?

Is it just me, or is has there been a big increase in the availability of Easter Activities?! When I was growing up, you were given a few chocolate eggs (or a lot, if you were lucky!), and that was it, but now there seems to be a wealth of Easter activity – everywhere you turn, there…… Continue reading Easter Fun…?

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Back in the Game!

Hi folks! It has been a while since my last post – unfortunately the work life balance has not been as balanced as I would like recently, and something had to give. It is finally starting to settle, and I can start to do something for myself again, meaning that I can also start to…… Continue reading Back in the Game!