This is me…


I realise that I have never really given much information about me and my little family, so I thought that it was appropriate to start 2017 with my background, and why I started to blog.

I am (*cough) 38, and live in Berkshire with my husband Ben.  We have been together for 14 years, and married for nearly 7 (he took a while to put a ring on it!).

We have two cats, Crockett and Lola, who are 1, and brother and sister. Crockett is an affectionate tabby who loves Ben, and Lola is a lazy black and white cat who loves food, sleep and cuddles – in that order.

Finally we have the girl with many names!  Little Miss D, Moo, Little Moo, sausage, poppet, to name just a few!  She is 3 and a little crazy girl that (mostly) puts a smile on our faces.

She is really crafty and also loves helping to bake, so I decided to start a blog to track what we had made and how we made it. Mostly because my memory is rubbish, partly because if anyone asks (it happens occasionally!) I can easily share how to do it.

It has grown a little since then, to include recipes and a place to store my favourite photo’s too.

I have a few followers through my blog and also Facebook, I’m glad that someone else enjoys my ramblings! I love to receive your comments (good or bad), so please give me a like or send me a message if you have enjoyed something I have written.



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