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Elf on our Shelf!

Christmas is nearly here, and we have been having lots of fun with our elf, Jingle. I will freely admit that there have been some nights where I have got comfy in bed, then realised in a blind panic and a succession of unrepeatable curses that we have forgotten to move the elf. I have…… Continue reading Elf on our Shelf!

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The finished tree!

We finished our tree today, and have finally seen all the work we have done over the last couple of months come together – and we are all really pleased with the end result! The chains are made of popcorn – an American tradition, they would also have fresh cranberries, but these are not easy…… Continue reading The finished tree!

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Easy Peasy Christmas Cards

Miss D wanted to send some cards to her friends at nursery, so we set to making some this afternoon (I say she wanted to send cards – more like she wants to post cards into the nursery postbox!).  We bought some blank cards, and I made some templates (a tree and a snowman) out…… Continue reading Easy Peasy Christmas Cards


Meet Jingle!

We have a new addition to the household! Don’t get too excited – we have succumbed, and got ourselves an Elf on the shelf…… I am sure you have seen the millions of Facebook and Instagram photos today of elves in compromising positions, but I promise I won’t do that to you (maybe just a…… Continue reading Meet Jingle!