An Open Letter to my Daughter

I’m not one for meaningful heartfelt posts, but I thought I would make a break from writing all of the usual crafty posts with something a bit different (and very new to me!). I have debated about actually publishing this post for a while now, it has been sitting here waiting for me to do something – so I have taken a leap and done it.


Miss D.

When you were was born I was blown away, shell shocked. Not with love (though that came soon after), but with amazement – we created this little person!

Would you look like me, or Daddy?

Who’s personality traits would you inherit (mostly Daddy’s, by the way)?

What would you be like in three months, three years time?

It all seemed like such a long way into the future.

Now you are three and a proper little girl – diva tantrums, princess dresses and all.

No two days are the same.  No two hours are the same. You can be an angel, or a monster – and you can switch between the two at the drop of a hat.

We can go from having an absolute s**tfit because I dared to put cheese next to your pasta instead of on top of it, to being an absolute darling and charming the lady in the shop when we go out for groceries. All in the space of 10 minutes.

Some days you drive me crazy with your constant demands (anyone that has heard the word ‘Mummy’ more than 10 times a minute can relate I am sure!), but then you give me a cuddle and say ‘I love you so much mummy’.

Some days I want to burst with pride, because you have done something that would be insignificant to everyone else, but is amazing to me – like mastering froggy legs in the swimming pool for the first time, or drawing a picture that actually looks like a person rather than a scribble?

Some days I want you to go and find her own way and be brave, but you still look for me for reassurance, because you are unsure and need to know I am still there.

Other days I want you to give me a cuddle and a kiss without wriggling away, because I know they won’t last forever, and all too soon, you will be telling me to get off and stop embarrassing you in front of your friends (Which I completely intend to do by the way).

Sometimes I wish you would call for Daddy in the middle of the night, not me – but I know I would be upset if you did.

You regularly push me past the point where I always thought I wouldn’t be able to tolerate any more (I might add that this was pre-children, I was so naive!) ! You knows exactly how to annoy me, but I wouldn’t want you any other way.

You are crazy, funny, clever and beautiful.  I love family cuddles. I love that you make me and Daddy laugh on a daily basis. I hate that you are growing so quickly, but I love watching you learn and discover the world around you.

All I know for certain at this point is that I am incredibly proud that I can call myself your Mummy – and that is one thing that will never change.


I love you to the moon and back my baby girl.

Mummy x


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