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String baubles

Another day, another craft attempted!

This time, I have taken my hand to string baubles – simple and effective!

Start with a balloon, blow it up to the size you want your bauble – I made mine quite large.

Cut some long lengths of your chosen wool or string – I am using grey and cream yarns, as this is what I have handy.

Pour some PVA glue onto a plate, then add one of the lengths of wool/string to the glue. Once the wool is coated start wrapping around the balloon. There is no need to make it neat, just wrap in a higgeldy piggeldy fashion! Once you are happy with the bauble, dip in some glitter (if you want it sparkly – obvs I do!).

Leave to dry, and once completely set pop the balloon and pull it out of the bauble.  To give some extra stiffness I gave mine a blast with spray starch.



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