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Festive Pompom Tutorial

This week I have ventured back to my childhood, and have been making pompoms for my Homemade Christmas project.

I had forgotten how easy they are to make, and they look (and feel) lovely (I am a very tactile person, I love to feel textures – apparently it is a typical trait for Cancerians!). I have been testing a selection of different quality and thickness of yarns, and it is surprising what effects you can create just by changing the wool you use.

I have started by creating some large neutral coloured pompoms, and then made some smaller ones to match.

To create a pompom simply follow my tutorial below…..

1 Draw two circles onto a piece of thick cardboard.  This will be the diameter of your pompom, so think about how big you want it to be. Inside the circles you need to draw two smaller circles.  These need to be at least a third of the size of the large circle – otherwise your pompom will not be very full, and will look wispy. Cut our your two rings, then you are ready to start!


2. Once you have cut our your two rings, place one on top of the other, then you can start to wrap your selected yarn(s) around the rings. To wrap, push the yarn through the centre ring then wrapping around the outside and pushing back through the middle. I find the easiest way is to make a small ball of wool which I will push through until it is all gone, then repeat.

3. Get creative, you can achieve some interesting effects by mixing yarns in different ways, from blocks of colour, to speckles of different colours, to stripes! Once you have wrapped so much yarn around the rings you can barely get your finger through the hole to push any more through, you are ready to cut.


4. Run the scissors around the outside edge of the pompom – cutting right through the strands to the cardboard edge. Once you have cut all the way around, you need to tie the strands.


5. Use another length of wool or some ribbon (I used a red ribbon to match my other Christmas Decorations), and push this between the two pieces of card and pull tightly – tie securely in a knot.

6. Once the pompom is tied, you can tear the cardboard away and remove from the pompom.

7. Give it a quick ruffle, and you are done!






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