Top Tips for a Blissful Nights Sleep

We all love a good nights sleep, but for many of us it doesn’t always happen.  Worries and stress, work, over-tiredness, illness, small sleep thieves, can all have a major effect on our sleep.

I can’t fix those, but I can offer some solutions that will help you relax and wind down, and help you have a better nights sleep.

  1. Take some time to relax in the evening – even a half hour of just resting and winding down from the day will help.
  2. Freshen up before bed – wash off your make up, and try NYRO Beauty Sleep Concentrate (for your face), or Beauty Sleep Body Butter, both containing a blend of essential oils designed to help you relax and will leave your skin gloriously smooth and hydrated.
  3. Turn off the devices – don’t lay in bed watching TV, or checking your smartphone/tablet.
  4. Use a Pillow Spray – I recommend the Goodnight Pillow Spray.  It contains relaxing Lavender, calming Vetiver and balancing Geranium.  Many people find that it helps them to fall asleep more quickly, and to sleep better and for longer.


Beauty Sleep Concentrate £32.50
Beauty Sleep Body Butter £23.00
Goodnight Pillow Mist £15.00

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