We have friends that live in Valencia, meaning we are lucky enough to get to see some beautiful architecture and catch up with great friends at the same time! These images were taken in November 2012, on a gloriously sunny (and surprisingly warm) Friday ambling around the city. We took the opportunity to explore the … Continue reading Valencia

Festive Pompom Tutorial

This week I have ventured back to my childhood, and have been making pompoms for my Homemade Christmas project.

I had forgotten how easy they are to make, and they look (and feel) lovely (I am a very tactile person, I love to feel textures – apparently it is a typical trait for Cancerians!). I have been testing a selection of different quality and thickness of yarns, and it is surprising what effects you can create just by changing the wool you use.

I have started by creating some large neutral coloured pompoms, and then made some smaller ones to match.

To create a pompom simply follow my tutorial below….. Continue reading “Festive Pompom Tutorial”