An Open Letter to my Daughter

I’m not one for meaningful heartfelt posts, but I thought I would make a break from writing all of the usual crafty posts with something a bit different (and very new to me!). I have debated about actually publishing this post for a while now, it has been sitting here waiting for me to do something -…… Continue reading An Open Letter to my Daughter

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String baubles

Another day, another craft attempted! This time, I have taken my hand to string baubles – simple and effective! Start with a balloon, blow it up to the size you want your bauble – I made mine quite large. Cut some long lengths of your chosen wool or string – I am using grey and…… Continue reading String baubles

Arts and Crafts · Christmas

Miss D’s Christmas Eve Box

I love the idea of a Christmas Eve box, as a little tradition for Miss D as she grows up. I have been looking for a lovely personalised box for her to use, but they are so expensive – maybe I am looking in the wrong place but I find it hard to justify spending so…… Continue reading Miss D’s Christmas Eve Box



We have friends that live in Valencia, meaning we are lucky enough to get to see some beautiful architecture and catch up with great friends at the same time! These images were taken in November 2012, on a gloriously sunny (and surprisingly warm) Friday ambling around the city. We took the opportunity to explore the…… Continue reading Valencia


Rocky Road Krispie Cakes

I finished work early today, so I took advantage of having some extra time and collected Miss D from pre-school early, so we could make some Krispie cakes! I find plain Rice Krispie cakes a bit boring, so I thought I’d take some inspiration from Rocky Road, and add a few extra ingredients.  The great…… Continue reading Rocky Road Krispie Cakes

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Festive Pompom Tutorial

This week I have ventured back to my childhood, and have been making pompoms for my Homemade Christmas project. I had forgotten how easy they are to make, and they look (and feel) lovely (I am a very tactile person, I love to feel textures – apparently it is a typical trait for Cancerians!). I have been…… Continue reading Festive Pompom Tutorial