2 Week Lunchbox Challenge – Week 2 Update!

Sorry folks for the delayed update, we have had a busy few days at home and I haven’t had a chance to write a post yet.

Week 2 didn’t go so well, I had a really busy week at work which meant a lot of grabbing food on the go.

However, I have now invested in a Mason Jar to make my noodles in (noodles are my new obsession – I have been buying different types each time I go to a supermarket!), which works much better than the plastic tub I was using before.  It keeps the water warm much longer meaning the vegetables and noodles warm through properly. This week I tried prawns instead of chicken – it was just as delicious! My next attempt will use rice instead of noodles.


I also made myself a chicken salad baguette using up some leftover chicken from dinner the evening before.


The main thing I have learnt from this challenge is that it is easy to make delicious and healthy food to eat at work, without spending hours preparing each evening.


This is definitely an activity I will continue, and I will post a few recipes in the new Recipe section I plan to set up shortly.





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