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Not The Dreaded C word….

I am almost afraid to say the word, and please don’t turn on me, but…………..Christmas.

I know it is still a long way away, but it feels like it is approaching far too quickly and I need to get organised.

As I have set up this blog to post about craft projects, I am also going to use it to help me to plan what I will do/make this year.

I love a challenge, so I have firstly decided to decorate my tree and home with completely home made decorations – some by myself, and also I will get Miss D involved too.  I can’t promise it will be the prettiest tree by the time we are finished, but I hope that we will have a sense of accomplishment by the end!

I always make my Christmas Cake, using my Nan’s own recipe – its delicious and absent of the dreaded fruit peel – yuk (I actually make two cakes, as my Father-In-Law always has one too!).  I usually make a royal icing to decorate with a spiky snow effect – this year I am going to attempt a more challenging decoration.  I don’t particularly like fondant icing, so I may use marzipan to cover the cake, or I will see if I can find some other royal icing designs to try.

Of course, I have been frantically pinning everything that I like the look of in Pinterest, you can follow my board here – My Homemade Christmas.
Here are just a few images to show you my ideas so far…..




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