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Pasta and Pizza on a Rainy Weekend

For the first time in what feels like months, we have a weekend with absolutely nothing planned.  Apart from the usual Saturday morning swimming class and Baby Ballet for little Miss D, and the Ryder Cup for Ben.  Ok, let me re-phrase that – we don’t have much planned this weekend!

Anyway, its Saturday and it is pouring with rain.  I can’t face an afternoon of soft play today, so it is an in-house activity we need.

Luckily, thanks to my unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, I have a board full of activities to try.  For today, we have decided to dye some pasta, which Miss D can use to make collages – sounds straightforward enough!

It was actually really easy, simply add some drops of white vinegar to a bag (actually, I didn’t have white so used cider vinegar, but it seemed to work just as well), add a blob of food colouring, I use colouring paste but I am sure the liquids will work too (you might need to adjust the amount of vinegar you use though,)  give it a mix then add some dried pasta.  leave for an hour or so, giving the bags a little shake every now and then, then put onto a baking sheet to dry (this took a couple of hours). and you are all set! Easy peasy!

img_2710 img_2713

Miss D has spent plenty of time today sticking the pasta to paper to make pictures, At three years old she has a great imagination and I love to watch her put her ideas to paper!

We have also been creative at dinner time today, by making pizza.  Miss D loves to help in the kitchen and pizza is a really fun way of letting her get involved.

We started with a basic pizza dough, which is made with 500g of strong bread flour,  a little salt, I 7g sachet of easy bake dried yeast, 325mls lukewarm water and a blog of olive oil. I use a Kitchen Aid (any bakers best friend!) with a  dough hook, but you can do this by hand, its a great workout for the arms!

Mix until the dough is smooth, then cover and leave to rise in a warm room.

Pre-heat the oven to the hottest setting, and if you have a pizza stone put this in the oven to heat.  A baking sheet works well too.

We pulled of a chunk of dough and pressed flat on a floured surface.  Transfer the dough onto a piece of a baking parchment (this makes it easy to move from the worktop to the oven!) added tomato sauce (a combination of equal parts tomato puree and water, with some dried basil). and whatever toppings you would like – Miss D chose mozzarella, salami slices and peppers  – yum!

Move to the oven and cook for around 10 minutes – then eat! Delicious and a fun way to get Miss D involved.

img_2717   img_2719


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