First Blog Post – Blog Fear

Well, here I go – i’ve ventured into the world of blogging!  I’m not known for my writing skills, so this could go well or it could be terrible…….

If I am honest, I am a little bit scared, a lot intimidated (have you seen some of the amazing blogs out there?!), but hopefully I can create something that somebody might find interesting.

I have been thinking about creating a blog for some time now, mainly for my own purposes. I am constantly coming up with craft ideas, or something creative to do with little Miss D, or I have just baked something really yummy, and before I know it I have completely forgotten about it, lost in the depths of my shockingly bad memory.

I am inspired easily, but what I see in my head and what I actually make don’t always look the same – you have all seen those Epic Fail pictures on Facebook, right?! However, every now and then I do something I am really proud of, and this blog will help me to remember it and to share it with you.

Who knows, maybe you will find it interesting too – I’d love to hear your feedback on any of my posts, or if you like it, please share the love!


Talk to me!

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