My Daily Skincare Routine

Time is precious.  And rare.  At least, that is true for me.  Because of this, my approach to skincare is slapdash at best – it is amazing if I even manage to take off my make up with a wipe before collapsing into bed each night. Ok, my intentions are good and I try my…… Continue reading My Daily Skincare Routine

Arts and Crafts

A Garden Party

Way back in July, it was my Father-in-law’s 70th birthday.  Although he wasn’t keen to celebrate such a monumentous occasion (He still thinks he is 25!), we couldn’t let it go unnoticed, so we arranged a quiet get together for the family at our house. As the weather was gorgeous, we had a BBQ in…… Continue reading A Garden Party


First Blog Post – Blog Fear

Well, here I go – i’ve ventured into the world of blogging!  I’m not known for my writing skills, so this could go well or it could be terrible……. If I am honest, I am a little bit scared, a lot intimidated (have you seen some of the amazing blogs out there?!), but hopefully I…… Continue reading First Blog Post – Blog Fear